Accommodation Board - Out of Province

Original thread is in place on the home page and should be checked for listings too. Separated listings into regions on May 6, 2016 to make it easier to find based on location.

Feel free to add messages below. Loosely moderated so pretend your mom is looking over your shoulder. Do not ask for money, gift cards, or other valuables. Feel free to post if you need some help (leave an email to get in touch with you), share your stories, share resources for evacuees, or ask questions.

Should you wish to offer or accept accommodations, please ensure that you consider the safety of both parties. Exchange IDs to verify identity and ensure that people outside of the home know where you are staying/who is staying with you. This site, Tooq Inc, and myself personally do not endorse the exchange of information or communication in this forum on the site. By posting on this forum, you accept all risk that comes with sharing personal information and sharing living space with strangers. Use at your own risk.

If you offer accommodations and someone takes you up on the offer, or the accommodations are otherwise made unavailable, please come back and edit your post or reply to it to show that it is taken. This will help prevent people chasing empty leads.

You will not receive notice of replies so leaving an email or telephone number is advisable.

If you have more than 6 units to rent out or you are an evacuee wishing to rent space, please visit:


Or, you can post rental space in the community chats now as long as you:

  • Clearly indicate that it is a property for rent
  • Indicate the monthly rent and security deposit in your post
  • Post the street address of the property including city/town
  • Indicate if a lease is required and if so, how long a lease is required.
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