Places for Rent

Posting is now disabled. If you have space to rent or wish to rent space, please visit:


Or, you can post rental space in the community chats now as long as you:

  • Clearly indicate that it is a property for rent
  • Indicate the monthly rent and security deposit in your post
  • Post the street address of the property including city/town
  • Indicate if a lease is required and if so, how long a lease is required.

With the focus of evacuees shifting to require longer term accommodation, this site will now, on this page only, allow for the listing of properties for long-term or month-to-month rentals. While there is no direct fee for this service, I am requesting that landlords posting vacancies make a one-time donation to the Red Cross or an Alberta Food Bank of at least $25.00 per listing. This is purely on the honour system. Preference will be given to landlords that are offering some amount of free time or discounts for evacuees.

For Landlords:

  1. Make a donation to one of the charities above as requested.
  2. Complete the form below including all information requested.
  3. If the space is rented/leased, contact me so I can remove it.

For Evacuees

  1. Listing will be added here:
  2. In the meantime, please check Kijiji, Craigslist, Boardwalk, Rentboard, 4Rent, and RentFaster (I don't endorse any of these or the properties they list, just providing links that are easy to get to).

Submit a Rental

Incomplete or low quality posts will be ignored. There is no guarantee that your property will be listed and this site accepts no liability for any of the posts submitted, displayed, or arranged here, nor any personal, business, or financial risks incurred by any party. All information should be confirmed between parties. If you have multiple units, please only submit one listing. If you are a property management company with a site listing your rentals, submit once and I'll just link people there. Submitted information will be displayed on a publicly available page.

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