My name is Brian MacKay and I operate Tooq Inc. based in Edmonton. Watching the news about the fires in Fort McMurray, I figured that I might be able to assist those in need of accommodation. You can find me on Twitter as @tooq or view my LinkedIn profile: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/mackb


Obviously, the site is helping to pair strangers to help those in need. No information collected will be sold or distributed for any other purpose than helping evacuees from the Fort McMurray area. Once the site has served it's purpose, all personal information in my possession will be destroyed. Information collected is for the sole purpose of helping fellow Albertans and will only be used with that goal in mind. The initial mechanism on this site kept information private from public view and approximately 5000 records were created. I am working to get this data into the hands of the Red Cross to help pair evacuees to the offers provided.

The Community Chat on the home page and the regional pages is still up in the air. I'm using email obfuscation and scraping protection to keep bots from collecting contact information, but it's not ideal to leave this data for months and years. I'm thinking that this site may be best served ,once it has run its course, to be turned over to the Alberta Archives. In some way, the generous outpouring of support through this site is small part of Alberta's history now. Stay tuned for some updates and information on this. I'm happy to hear input through the contact form as well.

Current Needs


Thanks to those that have contacted me to offer help with coordinating this. While not an extensive list, thanks to: Shelley (my wife who graciously traded her birthday celebration on May 3 for me to build this site), Sarah for helping gather resources and make some contacts, Nate, Jason, Jessica, Jerry, Martin, Brian, Mrs. Laslop, and more I've probably lost in my inbox now. Thanks to TMZVPS for their overnight assistance to get things back online and bolstered after an the hug of death to my VPS on the night things launched. Thanks to the clients that were flexible enough to allow me to cancel meetings and push project schedules out to work on this and for the patience of those that had their site offline the first night. Tons of people on Twitter that have tweeted, shared, RT'ed, updated, and provided info. I've actually lost track of the all the people that offered to help; For all those contacted me - Thank you so very much.

Thanks to everyone lending a hand to help their fellow Albertans out.

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