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Fort McMurray Accommodation Matching - 2016 Fires

Update June 1, 2016: Wishing the evacuees returning to Fort McMurray starting today a safe drive. Welcome home! A few key notes that might be of help:

  • Slow and steady on the highway please. Let's make sure everyone gets back safe.
  • There is no harm in waiting to return, especially if you suffer from any health conditions or are travelling with seniors or small children.
  • Information centres are open throughout - not just in Zone 1 - from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Re-entry information can be found here:

Stay safe and best of luck to all of you!

I've also added an accommodation sharing board for Fort McMurray itself so those with spaces can offer accommodation to those that may not have a habitable home but still need to take care of things in town. Feel free to offer short-term, long-term, or even just a place to stop for a shower and a coffee.

Fort Mac Accommodation Sharing

Update May 17, 2016: As evacuees have found accommodations, either with friends or family, generous Albertans that have opened their homes, or have moved into rental accommodation for the most part, this site's usefulness is nearly completed it's run. At this point, I'll shut down the regional chats but leave them posted as there are still offers for places to stay for those in need. [Rentcafe is for six or more units, so I've re-opened the boards for landlords with less spaces]. For those looking for rental accommodations or that have accommodations to rent out, they should head here now:

Update - May 5, 2016: With the evacuation of over 29,000 50,000 88,000 residents of Fort McMurray on May 3, 2016, this site aimed to help pair Albertans able to open their homes, rental properties, recreational properties, and other available space to people in need of somewhere to stay. On May 5, the Alberta Government Response team indicated that they would not be able to accept the data collected as they would not be able to ensure the safety of evacuees in private residences nor do they have the staff to manage such an endeavor.

The site will remain online due to being heavily linked in social and traditional media as a means of directing evacuees to evacuation and reception centres, and to provide resources that may be of use.

To all of those that offered space in their homes, I'm humbled by your generosity and kindness.

To those that have been evacuated, many of whom have lost almost everything, my heart goes out to you and I wish you all the best in dealing with this tragedy. Albertans are here now and will be here to help you rebuild in the coming months and years. Stay safe.

No information entered on this site will be sold, rented, shared, or otherwise used for any other purpose than putting people in touch with each other. I will hold the information for another 10 days or so in case it is needed for any reason. Data collected will be destroyed on May 16, 2016.

Offering or Requiring Accommodation?

As of May 6, at 18:35, the community chat has been broken down into 5 regions to help make it easier on everybody looking and offering space. Click the buttons below to go to the appropriate region but be sure to check the thread lower down on this page for another 500 province-wide listings. Please do not post new spaces in the home page thread!

If you have more than 6 units to rent out or you are an evacuee wishing to rent space, please visit:

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YMMFire Chat

Please do not post in this chat thread anymore. Instead, please select the appropriate region from the buttons above and post there. You can and should review the post in the thread below if you're looking for accommodations as most of the spaces are still available.

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